About Us

About Us
From the prolific and rich marine life around the island of Santa Maria, emerges the Mantamaria Dive Centre,
a maritime tourist organization by excellence (registry no. MT 10/2010). GPS: 36º 57′ 4″ N  – 25º 8′ 58″ W

The Mantamaria team includes an experienced and professional Diving Instructors and Divemasters, skippers and support personnel that foster complete satisfaction in safe and relaxing sub-aquatic experiences in Santa Maria.

The centre operates three excellent vessels, all outfitted for diving and for tours around the island. It is equipped with a top of the line B-Trox filling station as well as all the necessary diving equipment designed for safety and comfort.

Dive center
Strategically located in the marina of Vila do Porto, alongside the mooring pier … After all, pre and post diving operations should also be a simple and pleasant experience.


Tornado, 7,10m
Hull: Semi-rigid
Engine: 2x Suzuki 90hp
Capacity: 14 Persons







 Beneteau Antares, 7,10m
 Hull: Fibra vidro
 Engine: Volvo penta 150hp
 Capacity: 8 Persons


CentroEnchimentoB-TroxB-Trox fillinpure-air-certificateg station
This Bauer Pure Air certified filling station offers complete safety of operation and exceptional air quality with up to 40% oxygen enriched air (nitrox). The station is outfitted with two Bauer, high and low pressure, compressors and a storage rack charged to 300 bar to allow quicker and more efficient filling process.


Equipamento_novaDiving equipment

The rental equipment available was selected thinking of the comfort during the diving experience. The maintenance schedule of our equipment is rigorously followed and is carried out in strict conformity with established regulations and norms to ensure complete safety.
Tanks, 12 Liters
 TanksS, 15 Liters
Tanks, 7 Liters
Tanks, 6 Liters (TEC)
Tanks, 3 Liters (Rebreather)
Complete Diving Equipments
Oxygen Emergency Kits
Diving suit MARES Rover I 7
Diving suit SEAC 5mm


rebreatherRebreather friendly conditions
Oxygen, Helium and trimix available
Booster pump for Oxygen and for Helium
Filling capacity of nitrox – 32 to 80%
Consumables and reserve parts for Rebreather Poseidon MK VI, including cartridges and Sofnodive packs and oxygen sensors.
3 and 7 liter bail-outs to rent
3 Liter Oxygen cylinders to rent
Oxygen transcender
Oxygen analizer
Rigging kits for bail-out cylinders, diveRite


2 x 9 Seat Van’s