Welcome to Mantamaria

The location of Santa Maria, offers ideal conditions for diving, not only because of it’s climate and fantastic  crystal water, with visibility up to 40 meters, but also for it’s strategic location as the doorstep of the natural reserve of Formigas and Dollabarat bank, a rock formation northeast of Santa Maria, considered by many as “The Best” diving location of Europe.

The Ideal period for diving in this region is from June through September, at witch time a number of key conditions come together to make it an unforgettable experience:

Good air and water temperatures (Averaging between  26ºc and 22ºc respectively), low rainfall, calm einds combined with the appearance of the largest number of pelagic species – especially, large Mantas Rays and Whale Shark, also known locally as “Pintados” (Spotted).

In addition to the guided diving tours, our boat tours around the island of Santa Maria, offers a wonderful perspective of the coast, including the light colored sandy beaches, unique in the Azores, placid bays with natural pools or, alternatively, spontaneous encounters with the cetaceous species.

The best way to get to Santa Maria, is by air with direct flights from Lisbon and the Island of São Miguel, as well as by  ferry boat from São Miguel.
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GPS: 36º 57′ 4″ N  – 25º 8′ 58″ W